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There's a run on airsick bags!! :

  • Several years ago I was on a business trip on Delta. As a single father with two children at home under the watchful eye of a capable baby-sitter, it still was hard for me to leave my children to travel, but it was imperative in my job. We all have things that happen around us that cause us to recall different things in our life, and on that flight I received a vivid reminder of how impressionable young children can be.

    The flight attendants had gathered eight youngsters who were traveling unaccompanied and decided to seat them together on three adjacent rows in coach, just across from where I was sitting. This supposedly would allow the attendants to keep an eye on the eight children without much trouble. Shortly after takeoff, one of the youngsters rang the call bell and told the flight attendant she was feeling bad and felt like she might throw up. The attendant handed the child an airsick bag and went to get some water. Just as she got back to the sick youngster's seat, the girl threw up. Once that happened the power of suggestion took over and the other seven youngsters went like dominos...throwing up one after the other until all had utilized their airsick bags. Watching the flight attendants quickly and efficiently handle the airsickness attack reminded me of my own children. And I salute those attendants who efficiently wiped mouths, disposed of the bags, offered friendly smiles and support without missing a beat. That's above and beyond the call of duty, if you ask me.

    Submitted by an anonymous reader

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