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City Code Data Base

     The largest on the web with nearly 9,000 Airports Worldwide, now searchable, by country, US state, city, code, including Runway Length, Elevation, Latitude and Longitude. Type in two airport codes and get the distance (miles, km, nm), flight time and wind adjusted distance.

Time & Distance Calculator


Aircraft Country Registration Codes

     Ever wonder what those letters that are painted on the side of aircraft mean? Here's a database and explanation. A quick reference on commercial aircraft; Range, Seats, Engines, Aisles, Speed - Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, AVRO, Fokker, Ilyushin, Tupolev, SAAB, ATR ....

Why Airlines do the things they do and other topical discussions

     Do the things they do that seem absolutely incomprehensible at first blush? Answers to popular questions about airlines and travel, plus a discussion on Airbus' A380 vs. Boeing's Sonic Cruiser.

Airline Two Letter Codes

     Each Airline gets a two letter code as well. Want to know them all -- careful, this is a 400KB file.


         A Quiz of  airport codes to test your knowledge

Airplane Etiquette

         The Top Ten lists of things people should and shouldn�t on airplanes and at airports

Strangest Things while Flying

         A list of �believe it or not� things people have seen while flying

Truly Funny Stories

         Some of the best funny stories submitted by readers just like you

Friendly Flying

         Links and articles written by others about being nice and unstressed while traveling

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