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and some great anecdotes from down under and across the pond...   :

  • How about watching someone trying to light a primus stove to cook his meal on a flight between Bangalore and Bombay just before being pounced on by a stewardess?

    How about a large, blue haired American lady saying, after landing at Da Vinci Airport, "When did they rename this place, Roma?"

    While waiting to catch a flight from Sydney to Canberra I couldn't help but notice man walking about in the departure lounge dressed in a duck suit (going "Quack, quack"). To get on the plane (a DC9) he had to remove the head. He ended up sat across the aisle from me. Curiosity got the better of me. "What's the story?" I asked. "I was at a fancy-dress party dressed in this and was bet that I couldn't fly in it. 'You're on!' I said."

    Or, having struck up a conversation just after take off from Heathrow en route to Sydney (first stop Bombay) with my next-seat neighbour, a slightly intoxicated Irishman being asked, "What time are we due into Dublin, then?" - We didn't half enjoy the flight to Bombay after he'd calmed down!!!

    Submitted by Chris Billinge

    Heard a funny story a few months ago on BBCs Radio 2 early morning show -

    There is a long line of passengers waiting to check-in at the checkin desk, check-in girl obviously a bit harrassed, when a man, full of his own importance bussles up to the front of the line demanding to be checked in first -

    Check-in girl - "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to stand in line like everyone else"
    Guy - " DO'NT YOU KNOW WHO I AM ??!!!"
    Check-in girl - (Reaching for the microphone) - Bing-Bong " Ladies and gentlemen, we have a gentleman at the check in desk who doesn't appear to know who he is, if anyone can help please come to the check in desk, thankyou"
    Guy - "WELL - #&*! YOU lady"
    Check-in Girl - "I'm sorry sir, but you'll have to stand in line for that as well!!"

    Submitted by Jim Turbefield



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