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  • This is what happened to me on Royal Air Nepal.

    My flight from Hong Kong to Kathmandu on Royal Air Nepal was delayed repeatedly throughout the afternoon and evening, but never more than an hour at a time. We actually bagan to board the plane at 11:30 PM, 10 hours later than scheduled. While the plane taxied across the runway our Sari-wearing flight attendants began to give emergency instructions. They had gotten as far as "in the case of an emergency lights in the aisle will guide you to the exits," when the lights in the cabin went off and the plane suddenly accelerated down the runway. The emergency lights came on as expected, so we could see the flight attendants scrambling for places to sit. One was trapped in the middle of the coach area and couldn't find a seat to sit in while the plane took off. She reached down to the nearest man, unbuckled his seat belt, and sat on his lap, belting herself in as the nose of the plane lifted off the ground.

    Submitted by Michael Pulling



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