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Script from a sitcom  :

  • On a trip to Tampa, FL, the woman to my right was shaking and
    drinking a lot of booze out of her purse.  I asked her if she was
    okay and she said, "I am TERRIFIED of airplanes and I haven't
    been on one my entire life.  If my brother hadn't died so
    suddenly I wouldn't be here now.  With my luck this thing will
    drop out of the sky."

    She started to cry from all of her anxiety.

    The passenger on my left sits down and she is no better shape,
    shaking and looking around like the devil was after her.  She
    actually asked the woman to my right if she could share her
    bottle, which she did.  I asked her if she was also afraid of flying.
    She said, "Oh, not at all, it's just that I am so late in getting to
    Tampa to see my lawyer.  If I'm not there on time I lose a LOT
    of money from the settlement we worked out from when I was in a
    plane crash."

    The stewardess came over to console the passenger to my right,
    and stayed with her.  What a doll.

    Submitted by Brian Simler

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