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The Top ten(+2) poor etiquette things people do unknowingly  :

  1. Grabbing the back of your seat as they get up or down disturbing you while you're enjoying a nap, reading or drinking hot coffee
  2. Reclining the seat in front of you with great force without notice, or a cautionary look before hitting you in the forehead or crushing your lap top computer screen.
  3. Hogging the arm rests, and sometimes taking up a part of your seat as well
  4. Playing their walkman so loud that although we can't hear the words or make out the song we begin to doubt the description - personal electronic devices
  5. Leaving the lavatory looking like the airplane just hit severe turbulence
  6. Standing infront of the movie screen
  7. Checking-in at the check-in desk, then again at the gate despite being told that if they have boarding passes they can get right onboard
  8. Failing to understand that OCCUPIED means that there is somebody inside terrified that they'll be exposed to all if you manage to break in
  9. Asking what drinks are on the drinks cart
  10. Coming through security with metal in their pockets, around their necks, fingers, ankles, ears, noses or wherever
  11. When disembarking, stopping on the jetway right outside the airplane
    door to wait for their mother/father/spouse or other companion, thus
    causing a bottle neck
  12. Children that find great pleasure in kicking the seat in front of them -- this is very irritating

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