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The top ten (plus one) things you wish airlines would do to make your trip go a little smoother  :

  1. Remember that passengers like straight answers to straight questions and like to be kept informed. "I don't know" is better than making something up
  2. Remind you that the flight is "beverage service only" early enough to make it to the concession stand
  3. Admit it when a flight is being cancelled so one can make other arrangements
  4. Enforce carry-on bag size and quantity rules
  5. Enforce boarding order by row number -- by window and aisle too if you can pull it off without confusing people even more!
  6. Be more diligent in announcing gate changes
  7. Ensure that the sound system is turned up so that we can hear the in-flight "message from the cockpit", but not at night
  8. Increase the insurance coverage on baggage
  9. Provide a "family" section in economy to keep the kids in the same place
  10. Provide a row or two of extra large seats in economy, sold for a small premium, prioritized for the largest passengers
  11. Monitor the passenger cloggage at the airplane door to control the flow of passengers down the jet-bridge





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