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The Top ten  good etiquette things you can do on an airplane  :

  1. Don't bring carry-ons the size of a refrigerator on-board
  2. Help others stowing and retrieving with their carry-ons
  3. Remember there is someone behind you when you recline your seat
  4. Try not to grab the seat back of the seat in front of you as you get up and down
  5. Remember that the plane is a public place
  6. Accomodate split parties if it's no hardship to you
  7. Don't ask the flight attendant to recite what drinks they have -- use your eyes and just ask for it if you don't see it
  8. You may have had a rough day, but..... (need I complete this?)
  9. Keep control of your children - everybody really loves the screamers and seat-kickers
  10. Observe the pilot's instructions about seat-belts, and don't jump up immediately, where are you going? check in like they have some divine right.... that's not what it looks like to us standing in line







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